Open Road for iPhone

Open Road is the one driving app for your iPhone. One tap music, one tap navigation and one tap calling. Enjoy driving more.

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Open Road for iPhone
Open Road for iPhone
Open Road for iPhone
Open Road for iPhone
Open Road for iPhone
Open Road for iPhone
Open Road for iPhone
Open Road for iPhone


"Love that the clear focus of this app is to make major functions of your phone easier while driving, lots of them with just one click. "


"Intuitive, clean, and incredibly useful. Outstanding app. This is better than the system in my car."


"The UI of my cars touch screen is terrible and this app helps me play my music and pull up navigation easily with better controls. The home/dashboard customization is a great touch too."


"Great app. Really helps me access what I need without distracting me from the road. Get you some!"


"Love it. Better than just an app launcher. Worth buying the pro features. The 3rd party integrations are great."


"You shouldn't be using your phone all that much while driving, so building a custom dashboard in Open Road is to be desired. This app is great at providing only what you need from a phone while driving. Stay sharp!"


"Delivers fast, easy results-focused design freshness like no other app in its class. Job done!"



Integrated Voice Commands to perform basic function

Bluetooth integration

One Touch Dashboard for instant access to navigation, playing music, calling or opening an app

Customize your apps’ colors

Global Search which allows you to find any location, playlist or contact in one interface

Music Player for iTunes or Spotify that uses tap and swipe gestures for eyes free driving

Daily Commute Notifications which provides destination times and traffic information with one touch to open into navigation mode

Find My Car App to set your vehicle’s location and get directions to find it

Drive Recorder App to record your driving - very beneficial if ever you are involved in an accident

Statistics App that gathers things like your average speed, number of cities visited and distance travelled


Open Road is on it's first release. We plan to make many more releases, possibly one including an iPad version of the app.

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V 1.0.0

Get ready for safer driving. Open Road is live!

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